New Belgium Brewing

What luck.  I’ll be honest I didn’t over plan or spend any real time looking into breweries and events ahead of this trip. Beer was not the focus of the trip. So I didn’t want to get my hopes up and try to jam as many breweries onto my “to do list” and get disappointed when I missed out.   I knew there was no way I’d visit every possible brewery … they’re everywhere in Colorado.  And I knew many return visits would be neccessary.

SO – literally a day or two in advance we decided to spend some time in Fort Collins and boy was I surprised when I checked out the New Belgium site and found out it would be the day of Tour De Fat. Their annual, large, beer festival / carnival / celebration of cycling.

I arrived just in time to get in the front of the line for tickets (before the massive throng of cyclists arrived from the bike parade) – and I was able to get my samples of beer and the weird that is Tour De Fat.