Bosacki’s Home Brew

Angie and I recently moved into our first house, and we were so excited to see a new brewery opened up a few blocks away. We’re already fans of Tighthead which is a short walk away as well, but Bosacki’s Home Brew would be an even shorter walk. At first I found the name a bit odd, “Home Brew”, it sounded more like a home brew shop. Then I read on the website their concept is to come in, try the beer, and take it home with you – hence the name. While they have a small tap room with a few tables, they’re not trying to get you stay and have a few. When we arrived we were greeted by Greg, the owner, and he gave us the whole story behind each beer. As he’d been homebrewing these recipes for years, each had a story. In general the beers would be called session beer, and good deal of wheat beer. I didn’t find any off flavors and all the beers were refreshing and the low alcohol made it easy to imagine taking a growler home and having a few pints.
Update: Since our first visit, we’ve been back to Bosacki’s a few times, it’s just so close to home. The only critique I have is the service. I understand the concept is come in, fill the growler and go home. That being said, if you are looking to sit down and have a few pints with friends I wouldn’t recommend Bosacki’s, especially if they’re doing a beer release or there’s more than a couple people inside. As the staff consists of Greg and his wife, they’re just not setup to handle a crowd. We went in when the bar was full a few times, beer release, food truck, etc – and it would take 15 to 20 minutes to get a pint. When they’re doing an event to pull in people I’d hope they start to bring in some extra help to pour beer, or at least, keep the stories to a minimum. Its one thing to answer questions about the beer, but when the bar is busy, providing guests the story behind each beer – unsolicited – just holds up the line and irks the guests. Other than that the beer is great, simple and refreshing and we’ve often just stopped by to fill a growler.