Wicked Weed Brewing

For our year end trip, Angie and I decided on a few days in Asheville. After about 11 hours of driving, we were very anxious for the first pint of our trip. We took a walk from the hotel and landed at Wicked Weed. It was the height of the dinner rush – so we knew we couldn’t wait for a table. We got our pints and happily made our way outside to the patio/beer garden as it was delightfully warm out. We hoped we could try a few more beers, but it was just too crowded during the dinner rush. We said we’d try and come back – but I was pretty sure we wouldn’t just due to the number of other breweries we wanted to visit on this trip.

Wicked Weed – Funkatorium

Wicked Weed, like many a few other breweries in Asheville has a second location. Their second spot, The Funkatorium, houses their barrel aging program and serves sour beer only. We’re not huge sour beer fans. But – we certainly have enjoyed some sours. After Catawba and Twin Leaf, we stopped in for a sour. If the Funkatorium wasn’t literally next door to the last two breweries we visited we may have skipped it. I’m glad we didn’t. I had a mildly sour saison which was amazing, and I was also very impressed with their barrel room.