Short’s Brewing

As a close to our weekend getaway for our friends wedding – we took a slight detour to sample Short’s Brewing. We’ve had a few six packs of Short’s beer show up at our local shops and I’d heard it was one of the best stops in Michigan so we had to check it out while we were so close. It did not disappoint; in the middle of this small, quaint downtown – we found the Short’s brew pub. I was surprised at how large it was, and even with how crowded it was we found a spot at their second bar which is behind the main bar.
Being a busy brunch rush, it took a minute to be served and we didn’t get to chat up the staff much – but we enjoyed every beer we sampled. I actually found their Rosie Palmer the most memorable of this visit – a shandy – I know, but, its an American Wheat brewed with Earl Gray Tea and rose hips, blended with Northwoods’ Soda Gourmet Lemonade. I’ve always found tea in beer mesmerizing, and on a hot July day, a little shandy is such a refreshing treat.