Noon Whistle Brewing

I rarely visit a brewery alone. Usually have my partner Angie or friends. No one was around this particular day and I really wanted to scope out some somewhat new breweries in the area.
When I read on their website,, that they focused on session beers – I was intrigued.

Session Beers…..
Noon Whistle believes that session beers reflect a lifestyle. The lower alcohol and strong, distinct flavor in our beers can be enjoyed all day with family and friends. It’s great to be able to enjoy delicious flavors and not fall off the stool. Many styles can be session and there is no limit. If you want us to put a number on it, 5% and under.

I love a good session beer. I’m not interested in beer to get drunk. I enjoy the flavors, the experience, the casual and social atmosphere around beer. A beer that is big on flavor but low on alcohol is right up my alley. The brewery was in a strip-mall like location. Not a hidden industrial park, which is probably nice for them. I’ve found these locations usually to be rather small and the breweries either take up all the space for brewing or for their tap-room operation. Noon Whistle was surprisingly spacious and seems to have plenty of room to expand the brewing operation going forward.

Overall very pleased with the beer, plenty of choices and could get a crowler or growler to go. I went with two crowlers of their cucumber saison which, having a low alcohol content, meant I could enjoy both the next day while relaxing at home.

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