Mickey Finn’s Brewery

When I first visited Mickey Finn’s it was in a small pub space in downtown Libertyville Illinois. Okay, it wasn’t that small, but the layout was weird and they had no room to grow.
The beer was good, but nothing really stood out or was memorable. The food is rather delicious – standard pub fare.

In mid-April 2014 Mickey Finn’s moved out of its longtime home, almost across the street (just down another block). The new space is massive and wide open with a little beer garden. It includes a large music venue, and a private event space. The food and beer hasn’t really changed, but I’ve noticed its generally always a good wait for a table at dinner time on Friday or Saturday and even during off-peak hours there is usually a good crowd. When friends or family come to town for a visit, after we visit Tighthead I usually make sure we end up at Mickey’s for a late lunch.