Cademon Brewing

Late Sunday morning we were trying to decide what to do with a lovely August afternoon.

Visit a brewery of course.

I pulled out my app and did a search for something a bit further away from the city, perhaps even in the country or just in the middle of nowhere. I came across a listing for Cademon, one I hadn’t noticed before, in a small town called Genoa, Illinois. I checked their website for hours and beer list, and after confirming they were open, we were intrigued enough by the beer list to venture out that way. After not too-long a drive through the country, enjoying the summer air, we pulled into downtown Genoa and parked right in front of the brewery on Main Street.

Walking in, the place was empty except for our server, but we loved the aesthetic. After speaking with the server we found out everything was hand made by friends and relatives of the brewer, except the chairs. The tables, copper bar and lighting fixtures were all hand made and provided a warm, authentic and classy look to this little hole-in-the-wall brewery.

I was a bit disappointed that their website was out of date, and some of the beers that drew me in weren’t available. However, they did have some great selections. Primarily light, and summer seasonal flavors the server did inform me that their Peanut Butter Porter is a year-round beer they just recently ran out. I did enjoy their Scottish Ale which had notes of rye. The server didn’t know much about beer and actually informed us he no longer drank beer for health reasons, so he wasn’t all to informative about their beer or process but was still friendly and gave us some insight into Cademon.

They’re already distributing to bars in the Northwest suburbs of Illinois, so I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for that porter I missed.

IMG_2065 IMG_2068