Broad Ripple Brew Pub

Broad Ripple Brew Pub was one of my first planned, sought-out visits to a brewery. I had taken a day off work, living in Bloomington Indiana and I wanted to spend some time in Indianapolis as I hadn’t yet. After some lunch and wandering around downtown, I planned to go to the brew pub as I had heard great things about their beer.
Not yet knowing much about craft beer, and not visiting many breweries I ended up having one of my favorite types of visits. That is to say – I have found in my travels that I really enjoy visiting a brewery at off peak hours. A few local regulars perhaps and the staff usually means I get full attention of the bartender or even brewer, and can have a quiet chat with the staff and regulars at the bar.
Being a Monday afternoon, that’s just what happened. The brew pub had a few people but was mostly empty which meant I could sit at the bar and chat up the staff about their beer.

I didn’t sample their whole portfolio that day, but had a “Lawn Mower Pale Ale” that was quite delicious on a warm spring day.